Sunday School

  Sunday School  
Sunday School begins at 9:45 am.

Take a look at the Classes below and select the one that's right for you.  We look forward to seeing you!

During the Advent Season our classes will join together for a study which will help us learn more about the special day we call Christmas. The study begins Dec. 2, and classes will meet in Fellowship Hall during the month of December at 9:45am.

Books for Sunday School are available at the church for those who might enjoy one. 

Children’s Sunday School Class

To reach children at an early age is the key to learning and to lifelong lessons.  Good habits are formed early on,  and a love for others and a desire to worship our Lord is instilled prior to entering school. The crafts that are made each week serve as a reminder of a particular lesson.  Students are able to share with their parents the lessons learned.  Practice of good habits is then reinforced outside of the classroom.

What a difference a Sunday School class can make in the life of a child.

Cathedral Sunday School Class

This is a class of ladies and gentlemen who enjoy learning about the Bible.  These class members spend time during the week at home reading an assigned book of the Bible.
On Sundays discussions are held.  These Sunday School members are growing stronger in their beliefs and in their understanding of the Bible.


Seekers Sunday School Class

This is a class for ladies and gentlemen, some single and some married. They have enjoyed studying many books written by Adam Hamilton, Ellsworth Kalas, and Robert Schnase. Members study their books during the week and discussions are held during the Sunday School hour.

This class particularly enjoys hosting the yearly church-wide picnic, the Valentine Banquet, and a dinner for St. Patrick’s Day. Class members enjoyed a dinner at Red Lobster during the Christmas season.